Each RIC Representative is required to participate in an RIC committee, meet at least once a month. To join/switch committees please email Zach Lee, Director of Internal Affairs at ricdia@uark.edu.


The External Affairs Committee is designed to build connections with other RSOs, like ASG, and to help organize and promote percentage nights, which raise money to go toward the exec budget. 

This committee is run by Tylor Rea-Garibay, the Vice President.


The Budget Committee is a great way to get involved in the legislative process within RIC. The Committee is in place to analyze bills based on a level of standards, and submit this review to House with an overall pass/fail score.

This committee is run by Zach Lee, the Director of Internal Affairs.

 The Advertising and Public Relations Committee focuses on expanding RIC’s presence on campus through social media and writing blogposts. 

This committee is run by Kassandra Aleck, Director of Ad/PR.

In the Programs Committee, representatives help plan and run RIC programs, gaining valuable programming experience as well as the opportunity to assist with, learn about, and be inspired by programs run by individual halls and other on-campus organizations.

This committee is run by Chloe Benton, Director of Programs.

The Conference and Communications Committee, also known as the CCC, assists the NCC to prepare for conferences, both regional and national. Members do this mostly by helping prepare recognition bids and making trading pins. Members will also learn more about the region and national association.

This committee is run by exec Megan Ross, the National Communications Coordinator.

The Volunteer Committee works to plan, organize and promote service and philanthropic projects for RIC and the University of Arkansas as a whole. Members are advocates for the needs of the students and serve them.

This committee is run by the Mitchell Warne, the Volunteer Coordinator.


The Legislative Affairs Committee shall act as a joint committee with the RA Senate for the advocacy of legislation between the Senate and the House. Members are tasked with evaluating bills, the flow, and parliamentary procedure of the meetings.

This committee is run by Andrew Turner, the Speaker of the House.